Patience - anyonegirl

As I sit down to reflect on this project that we waited a year to bring into fruition (pun intended) all I can think about is change; a change of thought process, a change of environments, a change of relationships, a change of cyclical and seasonal affairs on this planet, the changing of my body and the earth’s body too…The story that motivated this piece is patience, but it’s undercurrent is bellowing change; the most inevitable, most consistent force in our lives. Our ability to accept change is reflected in our ability to practice patience, and if we cannot learn to navigate either of these things, our life tends to look like an intersection at rush hour, or feel like the grating of our skin as we grind our fingers in an attempt to zest the seasons last salvageable citron. It’s been an interesting year for practicing patience, but the truth is, it’s actually been an interesting year for accepting and anticipating change. 

Persimmon season was exceptionally dry this year because our seasons are changing on a larger scale. Those of you who practice tree cutting traditions this holiday, please consider buying a live plant instead. What better a gift to give the ones we love, than a plant to adorn the place that enables us to love them?

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creative direction and production by Alexzandria J. Compton

Photographer: Anna Linetskaya 

Styling: Tori Secretario and Lauren Ardis 

MUAH: David Searle
Models: Jacqueline Shuya Tan and eileen li
A big thank you to Logan Link, Sarah Von Sternberg and  Phoenix Ritchie.

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